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george washington's portrait

George Washington

From a young age, American children are taught the story of General George Washington, a famous patriot, founding father, and our first president. But he was also well known as an influential political figure in Virginia and for his unwavering patriotism throughout the colonies. This reputation eventually led to his appointment as the delegate from Virginia to attend the First Continental Congress in Philadelphia and his ultimate nomination as Commander-in-Chief... Read More

James Richard Hoel portrait

James Richard Hoel

James Richard Hoel enlisted as a cadet in the Army Air Corps in February 1942 and soon found himself navigating a B-26 Marauder with the help of his Gallet Chronograph. The watch was a gift he received from his employer before he left for the war.

On May 17th, 1943, Hoel's plane, along with nine others, was shot down while on a mission to destroy an Axis held power plant... Read More

Jason Shiflet's portrait

Jason Shiflet

Staff Sergeant Jason Shiflet, a Lancaster County native, during Operation Iraqi Freedom and accompanied him throughout the invasion until the 25th of June, 2003. On that day, while acting as the quick reaction force, Shiflet and his platoon were responding to reports of Marines in Contact. Moving quickly to the scene, the Light Armored Vehicle that Shiflet was commanding rolled over when an irrigation canal collapsed beneath it... Read More