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photo of George Henry Beamish's trenchwatch fitted with trench guard and leather strap.

George Henry Beamish Wristwatch, c. 1915, (Unknown Swiss Maker)

Swiss-made trench watch with shrapnel guard to protect crystal. The watch is attached to its original leather strap and felt cover Arabic numerals on dial. Watch was worn by George Henry Beamish throughout his service. The guard, advertised as, “The Improved Mesh Guard” (patent number 11638/16) was nickel plated but has mainly worn off over time. National Watch & Clock Museum Collection, 2004.

front dial of Beamish's wristwatch without shrapnel guard.

All original white enamel dial with sub seconds at '6' o'clock. Arabic box numerals and hands with a red '12' o'clock, were filled with luminous/radium, highly-radioactive paint.

rear view of Beamish's wristwatch with the track mark, '2004.9' written on back case.

Here we can see the track mark left from the Kitchener style strap, that has rubbed on the nickel case for 100 years.

case opened with view of exposed movement of Beamish's watch.

A simple 7-jewel Swiss movement, probably made by A. Schild S.A., Grenchen, a Swiss ebauch (raw movement) manufacturer.

original packaging and mesh guard

Original packaging and example of mesh guard that is fitted onto Beamish's watch.

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